Hear From Our Happy Customers


“Of all the turners we explored, only the Backhus resulted in the windrow being taller after you passed over it. We would see our piles at 6-7 feet going in, and a good 9 feet tall afterwards because of all the air being put into it. “

Land Management Compost

“The best part about all of the different features of the trommel is you can control your belt speed and your drum speed and the fuel usage, of burning minimum fuel. As of now, we are running around 2 gallons/hour and that has been a great thing for us.”

Gary Phillips

Oldcastle Lawn & Garden

“I am really happy with the way the SM726 was how it handled the Rooflite material. Going from our old method to this new method, we had a dramatic increase in bags, which is amazing from where we came from. That was the biggest benefit. “

Jeff Heirlen

Compost Supply

“Modern Tech Equipment Owner, Micheal McCusker, and Regional Sales Manager, Doug Hill, have personally been there for us the entire time. They have been helping us train multiple employees to run the machine, helped us with maintenance and the purchase of the most efficient impact bars and screens, and helped install the T-Link system and weigh belts. We know they stand behind what they sold and will help us with it for years to come!”

Chris West

Vice President, N.B. West Contracting